Branding & Identity

Whether we’re creating a logo or brochure, we make sure your brand is always front and center.

Logo Design

We love creating logos! Our goal is to take your business and mission statement and turn it into a beautiful, minimal design that is easy for your customers to remember.

Print Design

Whether we’re creating a flyer or a brochure, we adhere to the latest graphic and typographical standards.

Web Design

We can make your website stand out from the rest with rich images and graphics.

Social Media Assets

Whether you need a logo or a background image, we’re here to provide you with fully-optimized social media assets.

Email Templates

No one wants to read an ugly email. That’s where we come in! We make sure to spice up your content with stunning graphics and imagery.

The Importance of Graphics

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and this is especially important in regard to your website. Quite often, it is a particular graphic that will “hook” people visiting your site and will determine whether or not they buy your product or subscribe to your service.

graphic designer creating a logo
graphic designer creating a logo

Logo Design

Designing a logo for a company is a type of graphic “signature.”  Your logo becomes the visual “personality” of you and your business that will represent you on all printed matter as well as at your website. Your logo gives continuity and the ideal logo will display in a concise, yet eye-catching and appealing manner what your company’s product, service or skill is in order to capture the attention of visitors to your website. If you already have some ideas that you’d like us to use in creating your logo, we welcome those ideas. We also ask, however, for open minds to the creative process to incorporate your ideas as well as see what our imagination may conjure up…that might even be a better, more expressive logo than you dreamed of!

Our Process

After researching your brand and buyer personas, we will gather information about you and your company, as well as gather examples of other work that you like. Together, we will brainstorm and create a style sheet and decide on colors and typography that fit your personality and the tone of your business. We will create multiple versions of sketches and wireframes, which are then revised, based on your input, in order to finalize the design.

graphic designer creating a logo
responsive website on multiple devices

Web Design

You are unique and so is your business. Therefore, your website should reflect this uniqueness as well. Bright House Media uses state-of-the-art checks and balances to ensure your website is compatible between desktop, laptop and cellphone applications, meets criteria for major search engines, while presenting concise content, a natural flow of information and the required calls to action for purchasing your products or enrolling in your programs and/or services. Having a reliable yet user-friendly way to capture visitor data for increasing first-time and repeat customers is also important, and an informative, educational website is one way to encourage repeat visitors. Using fresh ideas along with your own ideas and input ensures a high-quality end result at reasonably affordable prices.


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